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What we do for you

At Public Notice Agency, we have one important mission: place all legal notices for firms just like yours, saving you money and time while ensuring accuracy. We provide superior service tailored to your firm’s needs and management systems.

Our team uses innovative technology to place your notices in qualified newspapers. We confirm scheduled publication, manage accounting, and provide you with proofs and one invoice. We’ve built a multi-state network with hundreds of newspapers so you don’t have to.

You will enjoy 24/7 access to a secure archive of your invoices and proofs, plus our live customer service during normal business hours. We stand behind our work with a $1 Million indemnity policy.

Reliable, convenient service is our hallmark, since 1998. We welcome the opportunity to meet, understand your needs, and offer tailored solutions that save you time and money.

Our staff

Our staff

Which states does Public Notice Agency cover?

Currently, the Public Notice Agency newspaper network covers Arkansas, Alabama, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Vermont. We are always interested in serving new states to address our client's needs, so please inquire about any state that you do not see listed.

How do I submit a notice for publication?

You can send your legal notice to ads@publicnoticeagency.com for placement into our system. Only newspapers meeting the legal qualifications are utilized. You will receive:

  • Free quotes
  • Confirmation of receipt
  • Proof of publication
  • One invoice for each notice
How does Public Notice Agency tailor services to fit my specific needs? Is setup time-consuming or costly?

Setup usually is not time-consuming or costly, and we are happy to provide an estimated time requirement for your firm. We tailor our services in several ways:

  • Confirm that our newspaper network meets your placement needs, tailoring as needed
  • Make any adjustments needed to ensure our technology is compatible with your case management system
  • Identify any unique legal, operational, or scheduling requirements you may have
  • Address any special services you may need from our team
Is your technology compatible with our case management software?

Our technology is highly compatible with the most widely used case management software systems. We work closely with your IT team to test and ensure compatibility. We also work with smaller firms, some of which do not use any case management software.

What if my firm operates in a state outside the Public Notice Agency network?

We are always interested in serving new states to address our client's needs, so please inquire about any state that is not in our current network.

Why aren’t your rates on the website? What’s it cost?

Just as we tailor services to each client, we also tailor our fee options to correspond to our services to you. No two clients are alike, but our clients always tell us we save them time and money. Our goal is to do the same for you. Please contact us at info@publicnoticeagency.com to learn more about our services and rates.

What differentiates Public Notice Agency from other placement services?
  • We innovate to match our processes to your systems. No one-size-fits-all.
  • Tailored services and fee options.
  • Excellent reliability backed by a $1 Million indemnity policy.
  • Unparalleled service: We treat you as if you are our only client.
  • Legal notices are our specialty, since 1998.
Do you indemnify my firm against your mistakes?

Yes! We strive to provide error-free service, and we back our commitment with a $1 Million indemnification policy for your protection.

Will I have 24/7 access to my firm’s legal notices, proofs, invoices?

Yes. We maintain a secure archive that you can access 24/7 to see all notices, proofs, and invoices for your firm.

Does Public Notice Agency serve large and small law firms?

Yes. Our clients range from one-person to multi-state firms and we are committed to providing the same level of excellence and reliability to all. Please contact us to discuss your firm’s unique needs.

How do I get a demonstration of the Public Notice Agency processes?

Yes. We welcome the opportunity to offer any law firm an online demonstration of our processes and services. To schedule a demonstration and obtain your secure access information, contact us at info@publicnoticeagency.com.